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Sunday, January 13, 2008


New Environmentally Friendly Service in Fenton Michigan - Can Do Returnables

Born From Sheer Laziness and Disgust

We admit it. We hate taking back Michigan returnable cans and bottles. But it is good for the environment and keeps our streets clean. So it is a good thing. And we have no choice but to take them back to get our can or bottle deposits back. Or do we?

We remember a simpler time. A time before the returnable kiosks in the neighborhood grocery stores. A time when we could simply take in a bag or cart full of cans, tell the man behind the counter how many we had, and walk off with our hard earned money back in our own pockets. A time when an eager high school student would process our messy cans and bottles for us. But those times are gone. Or are they?

We despised the dirty looks from the other people, as grumpy as we were about this chore, when we would finally get around to carting in those sacks full of sticky, smelly cans and bottles. We detest the boring monotony of feeding one can at a time into those dirty kiosks. You are already in the grocery store, but who wants to shop for food after handling all those potentially germ-ridden returnables?

The Right Idea at the Right Time

You know you don't like taking those cans and bottles back any more than do we. So what can you do about that? Hire Can-Do Returnables to do your dirty work!

That's right. We will free you up from that awful chore. You can once again have a garage clear of all those nasty returnables. And the best part is, you don't have to do it yourself. Why hadn't anyone thought of this sooner? It doesn't matter anymore because this service is available to you now. All you have to do is click on the order button. That's it. No more messy cans and bottles. No more carting off all those returnables back to the store. Just click the order button, tell us where you are and when you'd like for us to come get them, and we'll handle the rest!

Too Good to be True?

You know the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Well this idea is too good not to be true. Someone really should have thought about this idea a long time ago. Want to know more? Click on the details button to get more information on how this exciting service can work for you!

Does Your Charity, Church or Club Need a Novel Fundraiser?

Can-Do Returnables can be used as an easy and excellent fundraiser for your charity, church or club. You tell your members. We do all the dirty work. Click on the charity button to find out how you can donate your proceeds to your favorite charity. Or click on the fundraiser button to find out how you can unleash the power of Can-Do Returnables to put dollars into your coffers.

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