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Friday, January 11, 2008


Democrat Party Disenfranchises Michigan Voters in Presidential Primary!

The Presidential Primary in Michigan is rapidly approaching. You can cast your votes on January 15, 2008. But quite possibly you are NOT ALLOWED to vote for your favorite candidate!! This is serious, folks.

In an earlier article on FentonSays.com we have available for view the preliminary primary ballots. If you take a look, you'll notice that Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, and former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina are NOT on the Democrat Primary ballot. Not only aren't they on the ballot, but if you decide to try to write them in ... YOUR VOTE WILL BE THROWN OUT.

Read that last sentence again ... if you decide to try to write-in your favorite Democrat candidate for President YOUR VOTE WILL BE THROWN OUT.

"If there's no campaign, the candidate most likely to win Michigan is Hillary Clinton," Bill Schneider said. "Her Democratic rivals don't want a Clinton victory in Michigan to count. They want Iowa and New Hampshire, where they have a better chance of stopping Clinton, to count more."

If you are a Democrat in Michigan, the DNC (Democratic National Committee) has basically made your choice for you ... Hillary Clinton will be your nominee for President (you don't really think the other guys on the ballot stand a chance, do you?). We have a female socialist as Governor of Michigan, and Michigan's "choice" for the Democrat nominee will also be another female socialist. What is going on, people?!?!


Part One

Part Two

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