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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Announce your Fenton Event Here!

Do you have a special event to be held in or around Fenton, Michigan that you would like to tell the public about? That is one of the purposes of FentonSays.com! This is your community - your voice - your space. This site is and about what is going on in Fenton. So please do not hesitate to submit your event information to admin@fentonsays.com and we will get it published right away.

How do people find this information? Google. This site gets good traffic from people searching about things in Fenton. Go ahead and try it for yourself. FentonSays had lots of traffic around the time when Target was opening in Fenton. People were searching Google to find out when it was going to open, if there were jobs still available, what was going on with the traffic signals on Owen Road, and a whole host of other topics. Uncle Ray's Dairyland was mentioned in an announcement for a Relay for Life event recently and we did see people searching for this. Harris Financial conducted their annual Charity Golf Outing and we saw people searching on this as well. Those are just a few examples on how local groups, businesses and charities have increased their exposure for their special events.

All you have to do it email your information to admin@fentonsays.com and you too can get FREE exposure via the internet for your special event or function! If you already have an announcement composed in Word, for example, just attached your Word document to an email to FentonSays.com and your work is done. Please be sure to send it to us in a format that is easy to copy and paste (don't send us a picture or pdf file and ask us to retype all the information, please).

What about pictures and graphics? Yes, we can have those displayed here on FentonSays.com if you have these pictures or graphics hosted on your own web space. To include a picture or graphic, just let us know the URL of the graphic file with your e-mail contribution.

Often times we get questions about how long the announcement can be. The simple answer is, as long as you want it to be. There isn't a charge for any of it, so go ahead and provide as much detail as you think the public would want. Be sure to use words that you think people would enter into a Google search to find your information.

It is FAST (just send a quick email) ... It is FREE (absolutely no charge to you for these announcements) ... It is FUN (read through our archives and you'll soon agree).

Email your event information to FentonSays.com at admin@fentonsays.com to get your FREE event announcement!

Wow! Big Bike Race in Fenton comes and goes without a word on this blog. So much for the information superhighway. (Maillot Jaune Road Race in case you were wondering)
Please send in the information to admin@fentonsays.com and we will consider it for publication. marc, you too can be a FentonSays.com contributor. Content is provided by our readership base. So don't be shy! Let us all know about your big bike races in Fenton, too!
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