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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Help AFP Fight Higher Taxes in Michigan!

Hundreds of taxpayers descended on the Michigan State Capitol on April 18, 2007, for a rally cosponsored by Americans for Prosperity. Here is their YouTube video highlighting the demonstration in Lansing and the numerous job killing taxes that have been imposed on the citizenry.

Don't fall prey to the slimy political rhetoric claiming that a "property tax shift" isn't a tax increase. Don't fall for the lies that Granholm will raise taxes on the corporations so the citizens don't have to pick up the tab (that's not how pricing works, the purchasers of products and services here in Michigan ultimately pay for the tax in the pricing of the goods or services). Don't roll over and accept the new service tax that was passed in near secrecy in the middle of the night (and wasn't our Governor talking about a 2% service tax, yet the politicians passed a 6% tax plan?).

Businesses create jobs. Plain and simple. Jobs pay people. People who get paid have money to pay their bills and stay where they live. Kill the jobs, stop the paychecks, force people to move to find employment. It's Economics 101. We must break the cycle of dependency ... of the State Government. We must embrace policies that foster job creation and economic growth.

To join AFP's fight for lower taxes and less wasteful government spending in Michigan and around the country, visit www.AFPMI.com or www.AmericansForProsperity.org.

Click slowly on the picture two times to get the video playing.

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