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Friday, November 30, 2007


FentonSays Pizza Playoffs #03 - Little Caesars

Little Caesars can be found at 1437 N Leroy Street in Fenton. Their unique value proposition to the fast food world of pizza sales is their "Hot N Ready" pizza deal. In Fenton (prices advertised on TV for other locations are slightly higher), for $5 plus tax, you can walk out of their store with a steaming hot, large pepperoni and cheese pizza pie! And for five bucks, this is a great pizza. For a few dollars more you can get a custom pizza from Little Caesars, or any of their competitors, really. But for $5, and a quick in-and-out trip, this is a great deal! Pick up yours today.

This is entry number three in the FentonSays.com Pizza Playoffs. The featured video tour will give you a flavor for all of the good eats available to residents and visitors of Fenton, Michigan. If you don't agree with our assessment of the various meals to be featured, adding your comments and experiences to the bottom of these articles is greatly appreciated. Or head off to the FentonSays discussion forum and weigh in there.

Click the picture above a couple of times to get the video playing.

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