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Monday, December 10, 2007


FentonSays Pizza Playoffs #04 - Legend's

If you haven't already experienced a Legend's pizza, give them a try next Tuesday. Then you'll get half off of a two item, large traditional crust pizza. A tremendous value and a great tasting pizza on Tuesdays, no doubt about it.

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This is the forth entry into the FentonSays.com Pizza Playoffs. Legend's Tavern & Pizzeria, located not far east off the Thompson Rd exit of US-23 has a real contender with their hand tossed pizza pie.

The featured video tour will give you a flavor for all of the good eats available to residents and visitors of Fenton, Michigan. If you don't agree with our assessment of the various meals to be featured, adding your comments and experiences to the bottom of these articles is greatly appreciated. Or head off to the FentonSays discussion forum and weigh in there.

Click the picture above a couple times slowly to get the video playing.

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