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Sunday, November 18, 2007


FentonSays Pizza Playoffs - Fenton House - Special Teams Stromboli

This is the first entry into the FentonSays.com Pizza Playoffs. We call this the "Special Teams" because it is the kick-off, and because we are featuring the stromboli (not really pizza) from the Fenton House. If there is any question, you can put them to rest ... this stromboli is folded pizza from heaven!

The bread/crust is warm and tender. A single stromboli really is enough for two people to eat, but it's more fun to have leftovers to take home for later. Only $7.95 plus tax and gratuity gets you this delicious stromboli with three fillings. The sauce is served cold, so we would recommend asking for it to be heated when ordering.

It is located in the Dibbleville area of Fenton at 413 South Leroy Street. We'll get back to their delicious pizza during the playoffs, but their stromboli is nothing short of amazing! They are presently rebuilding and remodeling the exterior, but they are certainly open for business. The exterior will look completely different than it does in our video. FentonSays says that you won't go wrong with taking a meal at the Fenton House.

Click the picture a couple of times to get the video playing.

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