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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


What is going on with that lot across from FIS?

There once was a property in Fenton across the street from the Middle School. In my day there was a Rollerama roller skating rink that was immensely popular. In more recent years, Serendipity ran a successful flower and fruit and fresh produce market. Of course, Wash King was the local laundry mat in Fenton operating that entire time. Now it is just an empty space and parking lot frequented by skateboarders (at least someone is getting good use out of it).

This property across the street from what is now known as FIS (Fenton Intermediate School) is all but abandoned. The parking lot is cracked an in need of repair. Debris collects in the corner of the lots. Graffiti poses as art on the neglected building. There was rumor that this property would be developed into condominiums with medium to upscale shopping. After vacating the property, the developers must have had their second thoughts. This is such a prime location; it is a shame that it isn't being put to better use.

Click the video a couple of times to get it started.

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