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Thursday, November 01, 2007


Fenton Gets Into The Spirit of Halloween with a Scarecrow Contest

Halloween is reported as being the second most decorated holiday (next to Christmas) in the United States. Fenton, Michigan is no different. The Chamber of Commerce coordinated about forty local businesses to participate in a trick-or-treat session starting at 1:00 PM on Halloween this year. Many of the businesses also participated in a Scarecrow Contest where the local businesses were invited to create a scarecrow that tied in with their particular business.

So on Halloween Day, we drove through much of town looking for these novel scarecrows. And we found a number of them. By no means are we claiming to have found each and every one of them, so to the extent that we missed some, we know and didn't mean it as a slight. We did call the Chamber of Commerce to find out if any winners had been chosen, and as of Halloween Day none had been selected.

If we missed any of the Scarecrow Contest participants, please feel free to mention this in the comment section or in our discussion forums. We did capture the scarecrows from Sagebrush Cantina, the Fenton United Methodist Church, Chase Bank, Jet's Pizza, Fenton Glass, Kimberly Kay Furniture, Fenton Home Furnishings and Harris Financial Corporation.

Just click the picture above a couple of times to get the video started

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