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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Treasure Hunt at Attic Treasures Tent at St. John's Applefest

One of the most popular attractions at the Saint John Applefest is the Attic Treasures Tent. Think of it as a huge, consolidated subdivision garage sale where one man's trash is another man's treasure. There are some serious deals to be had, and the word is getting out.

When do you find the best of the best deals? Right at the very beginning before the items have had a chance to be combed over, of course. And here is where the "Treasure Hunt" comes in ... For a $3 entry fee, you can get into the tent today (Thursday, September 13th) before the general public! "We always have a large waiting line before the festival opens at 3PM, so we decided this would be a good way to get people into the tent early and make a little more money (for the church)," said Kathy Williams, chair of this event.

FentonSays.com has some conflicting information on when this early bird special on the Attic Treasures Tent. The Tri-County Times, in an article in the September 9th edition, states that the "Treasure Hunt" is from 1PM until 3PM. However, the St. John's Applefest website states that the early bird period is only an hour between 2PM and 3PM. And you readers know that FentonSays is about blogging the rumors instead of always checking the facts. But there you have it. We might suggest showing up at 1PM to be safe, and if the tent flaps don't open until 2PM you can always fill that time with an apple pie or carnival games.

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