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Sunday, September 02, 2007


"New Trees, Please!"

"I am a teacher in Fenton at Tomek-Eastern Elementary and the Chairperson of the Parks and Recreation Board in Fenton. Because of the horrible devastation in the downtown city parks (O'Donnell Park, Rackham Park and Millpond Park) in the recent tornado, the teachers at our school are spearheading a drive with the children to fund new trees in the park. Our effort is called "New Trees, Please!"

We will be talking with our classes this coming week and collecting donations at school and around the community all year long. We are hoping to have some new trees planted next spring. We are, of course, very grateful that injuries from the tornado were few, but the loss of so many 100 year old trees is a great loss to the city. It is so sad, but we hope to make a difference. I have a Powerpoint display or individual pictures that I took of the storm and also of the parks during July of this year. I was working on collecting pictures for a webpage for the parks so I have both before and after pictures of the parks.

Donations will be gladly accepted at Tomek-Eastern Elementary at 600 Fourth St. Fenton, Michigan 48430. Thank you for any publicity you can give to this cause."

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