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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Virtual Video Tour "The Eats of Fenton" Burger Battle #06 -- Applebee's

Applebee's is located in the Silver Lake Parkway area of Fenton. We're huge fans of the riblets and rarely end up on the short end of the stick on "All you can eat riblets" night. You can expect the standard American menu fair at this national chain. Their Angus burgers are no exception.

Although the Bruschetta Burger was the most unique item in the burger section of the Applebee's menu, we decided to give the 100% Angus Bacon Cheeseburger a try. The premium bun was hearty enough to stand up to a juicy burger, but still soft and fresh. We have to admit that this being a chain restaurant burger, we discounted it slightly in the rankings. That being said, you certainly won't go wrong ordering up an Applebee's burger if you are in the mood for a good one.

This is entry number six in the FentonSays.com Burger Battle. The featured video tour will give you a flavor for all of the good eats available to residents and visitors of Fenton, Michigan. If you don't agree with our assessment of the various meals to be featured, adding your comments and experiences to the bottom of these articles is greatly appreciated. Or head off to the FentonSays discussion forum and weigh in there.

Click the picture a couple of times to get the video playing.

Burger Battle Ranking (to date):
#1 ... MoDoggie's
#2 ... Lucky's Steak House
#3 ... Sagebrush Cantina
#4 ... The Penalty Box
#5 ... Applebee's
#6 ... McDonald's

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Are bloggers allowed to give suggestions for a future burger for this battle? Have you ever tried a burger at Beadle Street BBQ? It is a wonderful place at the corner of Torrey and North Rd across from Mo Doggies. All of there food is delicious but their freshly grilled burgers by a REAL grill are amazing. It tastes like a burger my dad would cook.
Not only is it allowed, but it is ENCOURAGED! Thanks for the suggestion. We would also encourage suggestions and comments on the FentonSays.com forums currently hosted at http://www.freewebs.com/fentonsays/discussionforums.htm
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