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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Virtual Drive West on North Road and North on Torrey Road in Fenton, Michigan

We start this leg of our video tour just east of North Road Elementary School at the corner of North Road and North Adelaide heading west. We're now into Part Five of the "Streets of Fenton" video series.

Once we reach MoDoggie's Bar & Grill, we turn right and head north on a long stretch of road paralleling US-23 called Torrey Road. Not far is Georgetown Apartments on the right hand side.

There are a lot of relatively new businesses along this road, and many businesses that have been around Fenton quite a long time, like the Fenton Salvage Yard and Image Projections. Just think, on one street you can pick up a used Chevy carburetor and get a professionally printed "for sale" sign so you can get top dollar selling your extra used car.

One of my favorite parts of this road is "Deadman's Curve" around a cove in Lake Fenton. We call it "Deadman's Curve" for obvious reasons ... it really can be a dangerous stretch of road. Beautiful, but potentially dangerous.

We don't make it quite to Fenton Farm's Golf Course (a wonderful and friendly golf operation on the north side of Fenton) before we hit the orange barrels of construction. And that's where Part Five of our Fenton tour ends. Enjoy!

Click the picture a couple of times to get the video started

This is Part Five of the "Streets of Fenton" video tour available exclusively on FentonSays.com. The previous four segments include:
North on Silver Lake Parkway
North on Adelaide West on Silver Lake Road
South on Leroy Street
West on Shiawassee

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