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Friday, July 20, 2007


Eichelberg Farm - Voted BEST CORN by FentonSays

Now don't get me wrong. I've always enjoyed a good piece of corn. But until I tried Eichelberg's corn for the first time not quite a decade ago, corn was always a nice side dish. Now, with the best tasting corn on the cob known to mankind, it has become a main dish in our home in the summer.

Eichelberg Farm is located on Linden Road north of Fenton. As you are going north on Linden Road past Thompson, it will be a little ways up on your left (west) hand side. Look for the distinctive red sign which can be seen in the video presentation below.

They do have other kinds of fresh produce available to buy. But it is the corn that keeps us coming back time and time again. The tomatoes looked big and ripe and fresh and tasty. We did eat some of the cantaloupe and it was incredible. Go for the corn, but don't hesitate to round out your purchase with these other fresh items. You won't be disappointed.

The inside scoop when I was there just a couple of days ago is that the peak season corn should be available today!! Don't go on a Saturday, however, or you will be disappointed to discover that Saturday is the one day a week in which Eichelberg Farm is closed to the public.

I challenge you to find a better eating piece of sweet corn! If you know of one, please post about it in the comments section or over in the Fenton Forms section of FentonSays.com and we'll go from there. But until then, as far as we are concerned, Eichelberg's corn is the best on the planet!

Click on the picture a couple of times to get the video playing

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