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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Virtual Drive Westbound on Shiawassee Avenue in Fenton, MI

Our journey through the main streets of Fenton, Michigan continues. From the heart of Dibbleville to the Fenton Highschool campus, this two and one half minute drive is another trip down memory lane.

This footage was shot on July 17, 2007, days after the stretch of Leroy Street in Fenton was captured for the FentonSays.com reader base. The sunshine turns to rain as we hang a right hand turn at the three way stop just outside of Sweet Variations in Dibbleville.

Past the French Laundry and the park, we want to stop at the Penalty Box for a bite and a beer but we continue on through passing several car lots. We're reminded that Wendy's closed without warning about last Christmas time. And before we reach the stretch of road housing many fast food joints, our journey ends. Stay tuned for further adventures through the streets of Fenton, Michigan.

Click on the picture a couple of times to start the video

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