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Friday, July 06, 2007


Lake Fenton: Pontoon Tie-Ups and Police

All looked peaceful on this 4th of July out on Lake Fenton. And the county sheriff department wanted it to stay that way. With as many as a half a dozen patrol cars and a transport van, the men in brown (not your UPS delivery guys) hung out with boaters tied up at Eagle Point, keeping the peace all day long.

Seen here on the left side of the photo under the tiki-hut bar on the far end of the peninsula near the south end of Lake Fenton, officers of the law stay cool in the shade. This area of the lake has been growing in popularity for people to tie up and enjoy all that Lake Fenton has to offer since the breaking up of "Pig Beach" on the north end of the lake.

Between the hours of 1:00 PM and 8:00 PM, police deputies arrested four women for public nudity and a man for drinking. Three others were ticketed for various offenses. "We had our van, our paddy wagon, parked on the road nearby," Genesee County Sheriff Robert J. Pickell said about how the department handled those arrested from the boats. "Then we took them to jail."

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WELL THAT'S GAY! While kids are blowing their hands off and taking illicit drugs at home. The police were all out on the lake to find four women loving their freedom a lil bit too much, and a man drinking. A man drinking. Do you know how many people drink on that lake man. Come on people lighten up. Thumbs down to Pickell and the rest of those cops. Thumbs down man.
Those people are idiots. How hard is it not to get caught drunk or naked when you know there are cops everywhere?! I would think that the police were being nice that day, or there would have been way more than 5 arrests.
Nothing was peaceful. I saw a boat of high school kids taking shots of vodka and having sex.
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