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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Teen Dies in Fatal Car Crash

We build our buildings with brick and mortar. But they, like us, can fall at any moment. The damage seen to the front of the Fenton House restaurant in the Dibbleville area near downtown Fenton was caused by a fatal car crash last Thursday in the early hours near 2:00 a.m.

The driver of the SUV, an 18-year-old from Holly, slammed into the front of the Fenton House restaurant on South Leroy Street and was tragically killed upon impact. His two passengers were injured. One was reported in critical condition as of Friday morning. The other, and apparently the only one wearing a seat belt at the time, is reported as having sustained minor injuries. Fortunately no others were injured.

The tragic loss of life leaves us with a couple of reminders. Do not drink and drive. It's ok to drink (if you're over 21). It's ok to drive (if you're over 16). But please, do not do both at the same time. Police believe that alcohol was involved in this fatal accident. Also, if the police want to pull you over ... pull over. It is a crime to flee an officer of the law. It appears that these teens were fleeing a police officer at a high rate of speed, and lost control of their vehicle.

Buildings can be repaired with more bricks and mortar. Lives senselessly lost cannot. Rest in peace, young one. And the rest of you ... be safe out there.

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