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Friday, May 25, 2007


Have a Safe and Enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend, Fenton!

The long holiday weekend is now upon us. Sprinkles of rain were felt this morning in Fenton, Michigan. But there is still hope for a wonderful weather. But the Memorial Day Weekend isn't really about nice weather, is it? No. It is about honoring the brave men and women who have fought for, and died for, our freedoms.

The war in Iraq has hit close to home on several occasions. We recognize the cost of freedom here. Courage is contagious, and in valor there is hope. For those who have shed their blood in order to nurture freedom's tree, we say simply, but sincerely ... THANK YOU !!!

From us at FentonSays.com to you and yours, and especially to our fallen and honored heroes, we raise a glass as a toast of respect and appreciation. Cheers! Thanks!

And speaking about raising a glass in an honorable Memorial Day toast, did you know that the Penalty Box in Fenton, Michigan serves up chilled, mini-kegs in a contraption they call the Tower of Beer? 100 ounces of cold, refreshing brew can be yours (and your friends') just off of Owen Road.

Enjoy and Be Safe, Fentonites!

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