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Thursday, January 11, 2007


We Need Your 2007 Contributions

Happy New Year! As you can probably see, FentonSays hasn't had an article posted in over a month. With the busy holiday season, I'm sure sending in your news, announcements and comments about Fenton, Michigan to FentonSays was not your top priority. But it is now 2007 and there is a lot happening in our "little" town. FentonSays is YourSpace. It is easy and FREE to get your news and information pertaining to Fenton published right here. All you need to do is email the information you would like published and we'll get it done. What would you like to share? Birth announcements, business specials, garage sales (well maybe more of these in the spring), political commentary, thank you messages, complaints. As long as it is related to Fenton, Michigan it is fair game for submission.

E-mail us with your Fenton news and articles at admin@fentonsays.com today!

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