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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Tiers To You!!

Good Morning Everyone - In the last 24 hrs. there has been so much happening. The Merchandise Mart show was an awesome experience - and we wrote many orders - the Chicago Tribute stopped by, and will be interviewing Kelly shortly to do a feature article. Most exciting, the Merchandise Mart team informed us that the magazine Gifts and Dec - trade magazine featured us in an e-blast, and this A.M. when we checked the computer, we had over 600 hits to our website, and inquires from almost every U.S. state, and Europe. Still can't believe they picked us and our booth picture!

From the Merchandise Mart newsletter:

One of the new companies that really caught our eye is Tiers to You. The idea behind the product was one of the most unique we've seen at market: one-of-a-kind, tiered serving pieces made from vintage and/or heirloom china.

Pieces vary from one tier to three-tiered sets that are transformed from pieces of china (cups, saucers, gravy boats, dessert dishes and the like) into such items as chip and dip sets, cookie platters and more.

There are four collections to choose from: Everyday Shabby Chic, All Dressed Up, The Upper Tier and Mrs. Potts. The products are limited only by the imaginations of its three creators: mother/daughter team Kathy and Kelly Williams and friend their Diane Thorne. And from what we could see, those imaginations are limitless.

See for yourself at www.tierstoyou.com.

And we'll see you next in Washington, DC!
- Maria Weiskott

From the Tiers To You web site:

What exactly is a Tiers To You set? - a set is a unique, one of a kind, serving piece and display item for your home made out of vintage plates, platters, bowls, teacups and any other wonderful and creative pieces we can find.

People always ask "where do you find this stuff?" and the answer is "everywhere!" We have found amazing china like Spode, Homer Laughlin, Haviland, Warwick, Edwin Knowles, W.S. George, and Limoges in just about every state we've traveled.

Picture us walking down a dirt road in New Mexico on a tip that we would find a unique shop hidden at the very end. It is 90 degrees, and all we can think of is a cold Margarita, but the quest for great pieces keeps us going. Or the eclectic shop in Florida that we discovered in the middle of nowhere, a spot where instead of great china we found the warmth and kindness of a woman who sent us on to the next shop with smiles on our faces. Or the garage sale in Michigan, where we found only one plate, but left with a bag full of tomatoes that the woman said she wanted us to have - tomatoes from her garden.

We have found so many things we never expected to find - from an old vintage Pope George platter in a dusty Chicago antique shop to the hand delivery of "Grandma Mary's china" to our doorstep. The woman had the china in her basement forever and just wanted us to use her Grandmother's china in the sets we make. We love what we do - hunting for amazing pieces and transforming the old into treasures for today. We'd love to make a Tiers To You set for you and for someone you love!

There are three ways to order a Tiers To You set:

"Surprise Me!" - tell us a little bit about yourself and we will create a set with you in mind. This is also a wonderful way to let someone know how much they mean to you - tell us about them (we will ask you some questions) and we will create from there.

"In My Dreams!" - dream up a set by sharing with us some of your "must have" details including color, number of tiers, whether you love candlesticks, creamers or teacups. This order option may also be used to dream up a set for a friend!

"It's Me!"- we may have already created the perfect set for you, almost as if we knew you were coming. So please check out our "It's Me!" page to see the sets we've recently created...one of which may just resonate with you! We've also placed a few favorites throughout our website. To order a set seen on our site, you must "reserve" it first, because one it's gone...it's gone, so please follow the ordering instructions on our "It's Me!" page.


what a neat idea
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