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Sunday, May 07, 2006


What a bunch of garbage!  Last summer these doinks doubled our water bill because of cost overruns.  Now they want to increase our water bills again by another 11% to 25% because of decreased water usage.  Have you doinks ever taken a course in economics before?  When you double the cost of something, it would be natural to expect a decrease in usage.  Thanks for nothing, doinks!  My own personal water softener system was working just fine.  I'll show you where you can stick your water rate increases.  I'm going to drink diet coke full time now, no more water for me.  And forget about having lush, green lawns anymore.  You doinks can just look at the scenic brown landscape your water rate hikes are causing.  Hope you are happy, doinks!

you'd better just drink canned or bottled Diet Coke, then. if you drink fountain pop, that has local water in it. just trying to help you out.
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